AI-generated Git commit messages

Embracing the future

Check out Harper’s blog about leveraging an llm to generate meaningful Git commit messages. Be like Harper.

I’m sure I’m not alone in this, but most of my Git commit messages in my private repositories look something like:

wip  # work in progress

I obviously wouldn’t recommend this strategy as my future-self is always chastising past-self. Recognizing my propensity for laziness, I thought it would be both fun and productive to enlist the help of our newly appointed AI Overlords in generating meaningful (and standardized) Git commit messages.

The idea originated from a one-liner Git alias a friend sent me, which I then forwarded to the brilliant Harp. He took the concept and ran with it, making it infinitely more robust by leveraging Simon’s powerful llm library, a tool I hadn’t had the pleasure of using before.

I highly recommend checking out Harp’s implementation and insights on his blog.

Since I love to flat out torture myself, I’ve configured the output to adhere to the Conventional Commit format. For those curious about how I wrangled the prompt monsters, feel free to take a peek at my dotfiles repository.