1. Ignoring changes in git submodules

    For those Vimmers using Pathogen to manage your runtime path, you’ll find that Pathogen creates tags files in the bundle’s doc folder.

    Thanks to this Stack Overflow post, all you need is Git 1.7.2 and the following command:

     for s in `git submodule  --quiet foreach 'echo $name'`; 
          do git config submodule.$s.ignore untracked; 

    Happy Vimming!

  2. Avoiding the ESC key in Vim (and Readline)

    It’s probably safe to say that I should’ve changed this (ugh) habit years ago, but I just never got around to it. Thanks to Stephen, I’ve finally updated my .vimrc to exit insert mode using:

    inoremap jk <ESC>


    More importantly, if you tend to set vi editing mode in readline, you definitely want to change its bindings as well. I found this gem hidden deep in the Vim Tips Wiki.

    All you have to do is edit your .inputrc file with the following: set editing-mode vi set keymap vi

    $if mode=vi
        set keymap vi-command
        "ii": vi-insertion-mode
        set keymap vi-insert
        "jk": vi-movement-mode

    As a note: Readline will pick these settings up for every readline enabled app (IPython, etc)

    Happy Vimming! :D